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Write It Out Journal Workshops

Workshop I: Write It Out: The Journal as a Tool for Growth and Lasting Change

The central focus of this Workshop involves the Big Questions in our lives. We employ kinesthetic, sensory, and other methods in combination to access multiple sources of creativity and self-knowledge. We develop habits of observation, reflection, meditation, movement, and playfully creating artwork in our process of inquiry. We ultimately meet our own wisdom and develop habits to access it more often and more deeply.

Participants in this Workshop establish a journal-writing practice that gently holds the writer accountable for achieving specific, measurable goals over time. Writers establish a comfortable continuity in the practice of journal-writing in an Ongoing Journal-Writing Group, and take time to assess progress at a follow-up session held three months after completion of the Workshop.

Workshop II: Mining Your Journals

Long-time diarists or journal writers accumulate a tremendous body of work over time. This Workshop is designed to provide space, structure and support as you survey your journals for the key events, clever insights and genuine moments of understanding that are only revealed during a thoughtful rereading of your work. By the end of the Workshop, you will have a method for mining the writing that will continue to sustain you.

Workshop III: Publishing Your Journal Gems

After mining their journals, many participants are eager to share some of their discoveries. Some aim to leave a legacy for family members. Some share the story of a life-long romance or friendship. Some find poetry and prose suitable for publication. This Workshop provides the structure and resources necessary to transform personal journal writing into polished gems suitable for sharing with others.

Note: While our curriculum does have important themes and processes that naturally lead from one Workshop to another, none of the Workshops require previous participation in any other Write It Out Journal Workshop. There is no essential chronological order to our system. We aim to meet and provide support for our journal-writing participants, wherever they are in the process. Each writer brings his or her particular expertise and experience to bear on the practice of keeping a journal. We honor and respect that you are the expert at living and writing your own life, and do not presume to force your practice into our timeline. If what we offer speaks to you, come and join us!

To sign up for a workshop, fill out and submit the Registration Form.

Join our community on Facebook: Write It Out Journals. We post all kinds of great journal-writing resources there: links to interviews, organizations, and anything else that seems relevant to our purposes.

We also have a group on LinkedIn: Write It Out Journals. This is a great forum for discussion and sharing resources.

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