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About Writing It Out: The Journal as a Tool for Personal Growth and Lasting Change

Anyone can keep a journal. This practice doesn't require any particular level of writing talent. We bar the doors to the critics and judges (especially those in our own minds) and have playtime with writing. That leads to some serious writing.

There are endless options and styles of journal-writing. Write It Out Journal Workshops employ kinesthetic, sensory, and other methods in combination to access multiple sources of creativity and self-knowledge. 

While it may seem counterintuitive to engage in private writing with other people, we find that the writing community helps all participants go more deeply into a journal-writing practice.

The central focus of our work involves the Big Questions in our lives. We develop habits of observation, reflection, meditation, movement, and playfully creating artwork in our process of inquiry. We ultimately meet our own wisdom and develop habits to access it more often and more deeply.


During and After a Write It Out Journal Workshop, participants will:

Instructions for Journal Workshop Participants

Essential Condition for Participation: Confidentiality

By participating in this Journal Workshop, each writer explicitly and implicitly agrees to honor the CONFIDENTIALITY of all other participants.

If you disagree with this essential condition of participation, we can provide suggestions for other writing and journaling experiences you might want to investigate instead of this Workshop.

Individual privacy is sacred in our Workshop. For example, if a writer is asked a question about his or her name, profession, family, or favorite color, he or she may decline to answer, even if he or she has read out loud a deeply personal journal entry. This is a good, safe place to practice establishing that boundary. Good manners about self-disclosure are far less important than a feeling of personal safety. For some, that may mean total anonymity.

Direct questions may result in ridiculous answers, and that is the fun part of this very serious item.

Caveat about dealing with emotionally difficult material

Write It Out Journal Workshop Facilitators are very sensitive and caring people who have thought a lot about matters of the mind and heart, but they are not necessarily licensed mental health professionals. Strong emotions frequently come up during Journal Workshops; indeed, those are just what some of us are most fervently seeking. However, if you find it to be too much, simply and literally “close the book.” Gently move on to a lighter subject, or take a break. Practice self-care.

Caveat about dealing with physical activities

We may engage in some kinesthetic activities for physical comfort and in support of “play.”  Please feel free to refrain from or modify any suggested creative activity or movement exercise to take best care of your own physical and emotional needs.

Customized Journal-Writing Sessions

Write It Out Journal Workshop Facilitators are available for Customized Journal-Writing Sessions for any group or organization. We can focus on themes relevant to your group, adapt exercises from the Workshop, or simply educate your group about the value of writing journals. 

Individual Consultation 

Sometimes journal writers need individual, private attention to achieve new insights into their Big Questions or their Journal Writing Practice. When it’s time to share the writing, Facilitators can help transform journal work into essays, articles, stories, letters to share or a component of a lifetime legacy. We can also help identify further sources of support or aspiration for Journal Writers during times of difficulty or celebration.

Contact Us If you would like to register for an upcoming event, schedule a speaking event, or simply have questions about the Write It Out Journal method.

Thanks for your interest! 

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