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Write It Out Journal Workshop Facilitators

Our Writing Workshop Facilitators are experienced writers and educators who stay current on research in pedagogy (study of being a teacher; strategies or style of instruction), andragogy (learning strategies focused on adults), bibliotherapy (an expressive therapy that uses an individual's relationship to the content of books and poetry and other written words as therapy), writing therapy (an expressive therapy that uses the act of writing and processing the written word as therapy), creativity studies, and other topics relevant to our purposes.

Heather Severson, Journal Workshop Facilitator

Heather Severson is an award-winning writer, educator and gypsy scholar, plying her craft wherever adults gather for self-development and education. Heather’s formal writing practice began with diaries and journals written at the feet of her scholarly grandfather. Thirty-five years and two hundred and sixty notebooks later, Heather has a myriad of effective, healing, and life-improving practices to share with other journal writers. Beyond writing prompts and periodic venting, journal writing can lead to sustainable happiness.

For more about Heather's endeavors, see http://heatherseverson.com

Listen to Heather's conversation with Nathan Ohren of JournalTalk about journal writing! http://www.write4life.us/Hypergraphia

Sandra LaCava

After 23 years in the business world, Sandra LaCava came to the nonprofit sector with a wealth of organizational and management experience. She has spent time working for a hospice in Northeast Ohio and more recently with a nonprofit serving young children and their families in Phoenix, AZ. Sandra earned her Masters in Education from the University of Arizona and has put that expertise to use in elementary schools and community colleges, and in the non-profit sector training teachers, employees, and volunteers. She is an advocate for a healthy lifestyle at the personal and global level. This interest in health has influenced her life through the study of physiology, nutrition, alternative medicine, yoga and meditation and journal writing. Ms. LaCava is a certified yoga and yoga nidra instructor. She does freelance writing and works on her own projects in memoir writing, children’s books and writing for self-exploration. It is this passion and memory of her mother’s experience with cancer that led her and her family to establish the Dorothy Foundation where she now serves as Executive Director.

For more information about The Dorothy Foundation, see: http://www.dorothy-foundation.org

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