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Inspiration Station: Journal-Writing Resources

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How to Manage a Lifetime Collection of Journals

Published April 13, 2014
Write It Out Journal Workshop Facilitator, Heather Severson, is interviewed by Nathan Ohren, host of JournalTalk, a weekly podcast about journal writing.
Heather Severson interviewed on JournalTalk, by Nathan Ohren

Online Journals

  • Atomic Online Diaries Ring:
  • Diaries and Journals on the Internet:
  • Diarist Net Registry: http://www.diarist. net
  • Diary: http://www.deardiary. net
  • Live
  • My Dear Diary:
  • Open Diary:
  • Oprah's Online Journal:
  • Scribe Tribe:

  • Writing:
  • LiveJournal:
  • VistaWrite; Allows entries into multiple journals on different topics. Keep track of special events, dreams, personal insights, birthdays, To-do lists; incl. journal exercises and articles by diarists:
  • Yahoo List of Online Journals and Diaries:
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    See our Inspiration Station Book List for Write It Out Journal Workshops on for a sampling of books that ARE or LOOK interesting and relevant to our purposes

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  • Product Sources

    Supplies for Diarists

  • Blank Journals, Pens, and Accessories. Check local book, stationery, art stores, office supply, drugstore, or supermarket.
  • Amazon:
  • Artisan/Santa Fe Inc. 1611 St. Michaels Dr. Santa Fe, NM 87505, 505-954-4179. 1-800-331-6375;
  • Barnes & Noble:
  • Bittner Fine Stationery; California store: journals, pens, and accessories: / 1-888-BITTNER; in California, 831-626-8828.
  • Epica; Leather journals:
  • Flax Art & Design; Many journals, incl. ones with keys for secrecy, and writing and collage supplies: www.flaxart. comwww.collagecatalog. com for The Collage Catalog for The Paper Catalog
  • Guadalupe's #1. A-OK Rubber Stamps 102 W. San Francisco Street, Suite 11, Santa Fe, NM 87501. 505-982-9862
  • Journals Unlimited, Inc.; “Write It Down” series: oversized spiral-bound blank and special interest 800-897-8528; in Michigan, 989-686-3377
  • K. Schweizer; leather and non-leather journals, and accessories incl. pens, albums, scrapbooks, and software. Telephone: 888-444-0055
  • Kate's Paperie: New York store and online catalog carries a large supply of journals, pens, and collage materials:
  • Levenger; journals and accessories, incl. a “Chapters Journal” binding that allows pages to lie flat rather than rolling near the spin:
  • Michael Roger Press; established in 1949, large inventory of journals, incl. colorful faux-fur, Chinese silk, cork, bark, leather, and glitter:
  • Old Leather Book; Handmade leather journals, bibles, scrapbooks, and custom bookbinding. Sandra S. Kahn also conducts bookbinding workshops: Old Leather Books, 9 Bradley Road, Belmont, MA 02479, 617-489-1528
  • One of a Kind Journals; Handmade journals:
  • Papers! Nob Hill Shopping Center, 114 Amherst Drive SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106. 505-254-1434, Fax: 505-254-9005
  • Running Rhino & Company. Lined or unlined journals in various sizes
  • The Ark Alternative Source of Books, Music, and Fine Gifts. 133 Romero Street, Santa Fe, NM 87501. 505-988-3709, Fax: 505-982-0913.
  • Two Hands-papers, journals, pens and more. 330 Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe, NM 87501. 505-984-3059. Also at 803 Pearl Street, Boulder, Colorado 80302, 303-444-0124
  • Valdes Art Supplies, Custom Framing, Cards and Gifts. 1006 Marquez Place, Santa Fe, NM 87501. 505-982-0017, Fax: 505-988-3409
  • Wakimbo Environmentally-friendly journals created and handmade in Sydney, Australia: www.wakimbo com
  • Organizations and Education Opportunities

  • American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama was founded in 1947, and publishes The Journal of Group Psychotherapy and holds annual conferences. Training is offered throughout the country at various institutions. It focuses on group psychotherapy and provides information about ongoing developments in group psychotherapy, psychodrama, and sociometry.
  • Amherst Writers and Artists Institute. Founded by writer Pat Schneider in 1981, offers creative writing workshops and retreats for both established and beginning writers in affiliated workshops across the around the world. Amherst Writers and Artists Press publishes a national literary journal, Peregrine, and has released over 20 books. Amherst Writers and Artists Institute is an outreach program for low-income and underserved populations.
  • Art and Healing Network. An on-line resource celebrating the connection between art and healing. The web site serves as an international resource for anyone interested in the healing potential of art, especially environmentalists, social activists, artists, art professionals, health care practitioners, and those challenged by illness.
  • Arts in Therapy Network is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing an online community for Creative Arts Therapists (CAT) and those who are interested in the Healing Arts.
  • Center for Autobiographical Studies: Focus on the knowledge, appreciation, creation and preservation of contemporary autobiographic works. These works may be written for self-understanding, for preserving family and cultural history, or for pooling the wisdom to be gained from diverse individuals' life experiences. Workshops, retreats, resources, inspiration and a newsletter from Tristine Rainer, author of The New Diary.
  • Center for Journal Therapy: Focus on the healing art of journal writing. The site offers books, workshops, consultations, audiotapes, papers, an annual training intensive, journal and poetry therapy certification training, and other resources, primarily with Kathleen Adams, author of Journal to the Self.
  • Community Arts Network: Resources for arts and community activism, including essays, news, conversations and more.
  • Community at Work: Resources, strategies and tools for community building and facilitation.
  • Compassionate Listening Project: A non-profit organization based near Seattle, Washington. We teach heart-based skills for peace building and reconciliation in our families, communities, on the job, and in the world.  speaking and listening from the heart, even in the heat of conflict. We offer trainings and a facilitator certification program, and would be happy to tailor a talk, training, or group facilitation to fit your need
  • Folktales from Many Lands, Collected by Peace Corps Volunteers.
  • International Association of Facilitators: Trainings, certification programs, conferences, workshops and resources.
  • International Institute for Facilitation and Consensus: Services, courses, publications and more on facilitation, consensus, meetings, conflict and negotiation.
  • The National Association for Drama Therapy, founded in 1979, is the systematic and intentional use of drama/theatre processes and products to achieve the therapeutic goals of symptom relief, emotional and physical integration, and personal growth. Drama therapists are trained in theatre arts, psychology, psychotherapy and drama therapy. Areas of study include improvisation, puppetry, role-playing, mask work, pantomime, theatrical production, psychodrama, developmental psychology, theories of personality, and group process. All students of drama therapy must complete supervised clinical internships with a broad range of populations.
  • The National Association for Poetry Therapy, founded in 1981, NAPT focuses on the poetic power of language to bring healing, growth, transformation and empowerment.
  • National Coalition of Creative Arts Therapists Association is a coalition of expressive arts organizations, including NAPT and NADT, plus some of the more traditional expressive arts therapies (dance, music and art therapies). Founded in 1979, NCCATA is an alliance of professional associations dedicated to the advancement of the arts as therapeutic modalities. NCCATA represents over 8000 individual members of six creative arts therapies associations. Each member association has established professional training standards including an approval and monitoring process, a code of ethics and standards of clinical practice, and a credentialing process. Annual conferences, journals, and newsletters for each association foster professional development, as well as educate the public and allied professionals about each discipline. Although unique and distinct from one another, the creative arts therapies share related processes and goals. Participation in all the creative arts therapies provides people with special needs ways to express themselves that may not be possible through more traditional therapies.
  • National Intensive Journal Program: This program, one of the first of its kind, was developed in the 1950s by Dr. Ira Progoff. Workshops and training options available.
  • Transformative Language Arts Network: The TLA Network a gathering place, a healing ground, a place of greater vision and wider perspective that supports individuals and organizations in promoting all forms of the spoken, written and sung word as a tool for personal and community transformation. TLAN organizes the annual Power of Words conference, published The Power of Words: A Transformative Language Arts Reader, offer memberships,  a web-zine, and other benefits, including many resources on right livelihood.
  • Transformative Language Arts: Social and Personal Transformation Through the Spoken, Written & Sung Word Transformative Language Arts: A Concentration of the Individualized MA Program Goddard College,
  • Please see our Bibliography on Themes for resources on specific issues.

    Note: As you can see, this bibliography is a work-in-progress. We won't let a few missing pieces of information or formatting issues keep you from exploring these resources with the same delight we have had in compiling them. Enjoy! And if we're missing anything, please let us know. We'll be happy to keep updating our list of inspirational sources. The lists will get cleaned up and filled in as time goes by.

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