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Workshop III: Publishing Your Journal Gems

After mining or harvesting their journals, many participants are eager to share some of their discoveries. Some aim to leave a legacy for family members. Some share the story of a life-long romance or friendship. Some find poetry and prose suitable for publication.

This 15-hour workshop is held in a 3- or 4-day retreat, or 5 weekly sessions, once a year or according to demand. The workshop will help you polish your Journal Gems, assemble them into the format of your choosing, and find suitable venues for publication. We will help you navagate the rough waters of submitting work for publication, addressing topics such as how to find a market for your writing, crafting query letters, how to deal with rejection, and other relevant information.

We hold an annual Publishing Extravaganza for Journal Gems Workshop participants to celebrate and share the results of their hard work. This may be perfect occasion to present the gift of your writing to your loved ones, have your first book signing, read aloud some of your work, put it on display, or simply revel in a job well done. Participants are encouraged to invite as many guests as they like to help magnify the festivities.

This is also a good place to introduce friends and colleagues to the Write It Out Workshops. Discounts and door-prizes will be offered for future workshops; anyone is eligible to win!

Retreat Cost: $615.00

Workshop registration fee includes workshop facilitation, materials, meals (dinner, breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, breakfast), 2 nights lodging.

Workshop Cost: $425.00

5-Week Workshop registration fee includes workshop facilitation, materials, snacks and beverages.

To sign up for a workshop, fill out and submit the Registration Form.

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